The Company


RidwaanTrading Projects cc t/a Magoro Consulting (PTY) ltd ,is a newly established commodities Company whose objective is to offer resolution to difficult access challenges using industrial and raw material methods to infrastructure construction and maintenance work. The Company’s commodities capability is offered as support in the execution of projects in a wide variety of disciplines affecting industrial structures. These include:


     Selling of Coal on all Grades A,B and C

Mining Suppliers and Services

     Machinery, Equipment and Tools;

     Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE)

     Skills Training and Development

     Cleaning and Maintenance


Business & Community consulting

     Community Companies (PPP contacts, Joint Ventures, Cooperative NGO’s and NPO’s)

     Research Monitoring and Evaluation

Community and Youth Development

     Skills Development

    Job Creation and Recruitment

    Community Profiling and Liaison

    Community Mandate, Resolutions and Agreements

Open Cast and Underground Mining

    Mining Development (Prospecting, Feasibility Study, Design and Shaft Sinking)

     Mining Operations (Development, Stooping, Ore Transportation, Conveyance or Hoisting,

Crushing, Screening, (Concentration and Refinery)

     Mineralized Waste Management (Slime Dams and Slag dams

     Non-Mineralized Waste Management (Hazardous Waste)

     Beneficiation Plant (Erection and Processing)

     Environmental Management Consultation and Assessment Procurement)Our strategy employs working in consultation with our clients to enable the company to deploy suitably qualified teams for each project in accordance with client’s project specifications. This entails inter alia deploying a project coordinator to oversee professional project implementation for every team of trained qualified workmen / artisans with appropriate rope access capability and experience.

As a new company,we have establish working relations with other established companies who offer mentoring and on occasion off-load work to us.                                                                                    

                                                                                   OPERATIONAL CAPACITY



The Company offers a comprehensive visual inspection service supported by commodities trading, to assist clients with problem identification and allocating potential clients on the extent of work or trade to be executed.


Our collective experience and combined expertise in project management offers support in the following:

        - Construction;

        - Buying and selling of mines;

        - Selling of coal on all the grades;

        - General Infrastructure maintenance on mines;

       - Strategic management plan.    Construction

Using rope access, our teams carry out work which is high up or the access is difficult with the minimum of disruption to other activities on/at the site. We have built up a data-base of strong team of technicians able to competently perform a wide variety of maintenance tasks.

The Company offers main and subcontracting capability in projects for the execution of the following:  

          - installation of Anchor points for rope use

          - Manufacturing and Installation of signboards and signage frames;

          - Flinging and recovery of Banners and signs;

         - Erecting of pylons and masts (telecommunication purposes and power lines);

         - Installation of Telecommunication Antennae

         - Installation of solar power systems

Our rope access teams are multy-skilled,suitably qualified, and are backed by years of experiences in the above-mentioned fields. Where network is acquired, the company as part of our skills development strategy.                                                                                       BENEFITS TO CLIENTS


·   Quick to deploy and equally quick to exit the job.

·  Has non of the security or safety issues presented by leaving scaffolding in place on a site.

·  Enables work to be carried out more quickly and is thus more cost effective than scaffolding.





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